For your farm or business

KCE is the number one electricity retailer for farms and businesses in the King Country region.  We also service farms and businesses across the wider Waikato and Central North Island regions.

Our small size and people-focussed business means we offer highly personalised customer service.

  • For most of our business and farming customers, our Piriaka and Mangahao plans offer the best electricity price.   
  • Larger commercial and farm customers have more complex electricity needs. For these customers, who generally spend more than $10,000 annually on electricity, we have a dedicated Key Accounts Team to proactively assist with queries. Click here to see our Key Accounts offer.


Piriaka - Farming/Commercial

With deep roots in Heartland New Zealand, we understand the energy requirements of farmers and entrepreneurs in our communities.

If one of these examples describes your business, the Piraka plan may be right for you.

  • You use a fairly constant supply of power, seven days a week, to keep your business operating.
  • You operate machinery and equipment such as power tools, pumps, or dairy shed milking equipment.
  • You have implement sheds and run stock on your property.



Mangahao – Small Enterprise 

Properties where community groups or services meet for a couple of hours each week, or a few hours a day, such as bowling clubs, youth groups, food banks and theatre groups, find the Mangahao plan suits their needs well.

If one of these examples describes your operations, the Mangahao plan may be right for you:

  • Your group uses power only once or twice a week for a few hours at a time
  • You have very few, if any, appliances operating on a constant basis
  • You are rarely required to heat the premise and don’t run heaters or other heating appliances on a regular basis