Read your meter

How to read your meter

Reading your electricity meter can be tricky if you haven't done it before, which is why we've put together this short guide.

Dial meters

dial meter
  • Firstly, ignore the 1/100 and 1/10 dials. These dials show part units and provide a higher degree of accuracy than necessary.
  • Read other dials from left to right. Each dial is read as the figure which the hand last passed, not the figure it is closest to. For example the 1000 dial in the picture is read as 5. If the hand is between 9 and 0 write down 9. If the hand is on a figure, say 4, write down 3 (one less than the figure the hand is pointing to), unless the next dial on the right is between 0 and 1.



cyclometer meter
  • If you have a cyclometer, write down the numbers from left to right. If part of two different numbers are showing write down the lower of the two numbers.


If you have a different type of meter than the ones shown above, or would like to talk to someone about reading your meter, call our team on 0800 523 637.