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Six ways to pay your bill

Life can get busy! So that’s why we have provided six easy payment options:

  1. 1Direct Debit - read more about SmoothPay below
  2. 2Cheque
  3. 3Internet or phone banking – you'll find King Country Energy under the Registered Companies list in your bank's bill payment section
  4. 4Automatic payment
  5. 5NZ Post shops nationwide
  6. 6In person – at our Taumarunui office

What is SmoothPay?

With SmoothPay you pay your electricity account by direct debit with the exact same payment every week or fortnight.

SmoothPay Benefits

  1. Your power bill payments are the same, regardless of the season.
  2. Budgeting is easier with no surprises.
  3. You always receive your 10% prompt payment discount when you keep to your payment schedule.

How SmoothPay works

  • We estimate your electricity costs over a year based on historic usage. 
  • You decide if you want to pay weekly or fortnightly.
  • We deduct the payment amount from your bank account by direct debit on the agreed day.
  • Every three months we review your account to check your regular payments are consistent with the amount of energy you're using.
  • If your payments need adjusted up or down we let you know before a new payment amount is deducted from your bank account.
  • We send you your monthly account as usual, so you have a record of how much energy you've used.

To get started on SmoothPay contact us on freephone 0800 523 637.

Have your bank account number handy when you call. No calls to your bank. No tedious paperwork. We’ll take care of everything. It’s that easy.