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KCE is the leading electricity retailer and generator in the King Country region. For more than 50 years we have generated electricity from hydro power stations in the region. We retail electricity to homes, farms and businesses all over the King Country.

  • King Country Energy is a public company and our two largest shareholders are Trustpower Ltd (64.5%) and King Country Electric Power Trust (20%). The remaining shares (15.5%) are held by around 6,500 smaller shareholders, many of whom reside in the King Country area.
  • King Country Energy was incorporated in 1991, taking over electricity retailing from the King Country Electric Power Board.
  • King Country Energy restructured in 1999 following the Electricity Industry Reform Act 1998. At that time, the company combined its assets with Waitomo Energy Services.  The company was then split into two entirely separate entities: 1) King Country Energy Ltd, which acquired the generation and retail businesses; and 2) and The Lines Company, which acquired the electricity distribution business.  The Lines Company is now a separate business altogether, with no connection to KCE.
  • Our head office is in Taumarunui.
  • Electricity generation is undertaken at four local sites - Kuratau, Mokauiti, Piriaka and Wairere power stations - and at the Mangahao power station, near Shannon.

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