KCE owns four hydro power stations located within the King Country region, and one hydro power station near Shannon. These are operated by Trustpower Ltd.

KCE is focused on a bright future where we can continue to supply the electricity that you need every day. That's why we're always looking at new ways to generate energy for our region.

Our power stations are located in some wonderful areas of the country and can be great places to visit. However, because their very nature involves diverting rivers and converting hydro power to energy, there are dangers.

Read about safety at our power stations.

Power stations



Opened: 1924

Location: Mangahao Road, Shannon

Mean annual output: 135 GWh

Head: 271 meters metres 



Commissioned: 1962

Location: Kuratau Hydro Rd, Omori

Mean annual output: 28 GWh

Head: 64 metres



Commissioned: 1925

Location: Aria Road, Piopio 

Mean Output: 17 GWh

Head: 19.6 metres


Commissioned: 1963

Location: Totoro Road, Aria

Mean Annual Output: 7 GWh

Head: 42.7 metres



Commissioned: 1924

Location: SH4, Piriaka

Mean Annual Output: 7 GWh

Head: 8.2 metres

Environmental Responsibility 

We take environmental responsibility seriously, especially when it comes to maintaining the environment around our hydro power stations.

Two environmental initiatives we have in place are the extensive fish monitoring and fish passage trialling programmes. These programmes – required under our resource consents – have led KCE to become an expert in effective, simple fish transfer systems.

During a typical spring, more than 500 migrating eels successfully bypass our stations, using the fish passages KCE has built. These eels migrate to the oceans where their young (elvers) are born.

Following birth, the elvers begin migrating back up the rivers through the upstream passages. Each year more than 220,000 elvers safely moved upstream past the power stations.