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We are guardians of one of our country’s most precious natural resources

KCE is focused on sustainable generation using Hydropower (or hydroelectric) power stations.

We care deeply about the people, land and our environment, and ensure we act as responsible guardians or ‘kaitiaki’ of the land and environment around our hydropower stations.

While we are continually seeking to expand our generation network, we’re also looking to make generation more efficient by looking at new technology developments. In turn, we always pay close attention to the overall impact on the environment so that it is there for future generations to appreciate.

Power station initiatives

Wairere and Mokauiti

We do extensive fish monitoring and fish passage development. These programs are required under our current resource consent – this has lead KCE to become an expert in effective simple fish transfer systems.

During a typical spring, more than 500 migrating eels successfully bypass our stations, using the fish passages KCE has built. These eels migrate to the oceans where their young (elvers) are born.

Following birth, the elvers begin migrating back up the rivers through the upstream passages. Each year more than 220,000 elvers safely moved upstream past the power stations.


We work with DOC to ensure fish monitoring dives happen 3 times a year. The stretch of water we focus on starts from the Champagne spring to 1km downstream.

Maintaining the weed growth around Kuratau Lake and wetlands is extremely important. We are currently working on a 10 year Vegetation Management plan, and this will be actioned after the interested parties consultation process. 

In 2021 we committed to a 10 year relationship with the Omori Kuratau Pest Management Group (OKPMG), setting up a predator trapline around the southern part of Lake Kuratau, above our power station. The new trapline is intended to capture possums, stoats, hedgehogs, rats and mice that both compete with native wildlife for food and habitat and prey on them. You can read the first set of results here.


We maintain the fish access pools around the canal loop and monitor river flow constantly. This area is a fishing hot spot, we do our bit to keep the fish population healthy. 


Working with our local Regional Council (Horizons) is important. We have completed new fish passes with their help.

We are committed to vegetation control and property erosion management year round. 

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