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Our power stations

KCE owns 5 power stations - Mangahao, Kuratau, Wairere, Mokauiti and Piriaka. We contract out the operation of these to Manawa Energy (formerly Trustpower), with offices based in Taumarunui for the Ruapehu team and in Shannon for the Mangahao team. They provide expert skill and knowledge. Having trusted personnel on the ground is vital to our business. We work closely with these teams to ensure our assets are run as efficiently as possible.  

Mangahao station flow data found here.

Visiting our power stations

KCE power stations are located in some wonderful areas of the country and can be great places to visit. However, we ask all visitors, employees and contractors to be aware of the following information.

Safety around our power stations

Our schemes are there to generate electricity as an essential service for our communities. While many parts of our schemes are available to the public, during maintenance and significant hazards we will need to restrict access for your safety.

We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of those visiting and working our power stations, and therefore ask that the safety rules detailed below are strictly adhered to.

We have signage around our stations that provides clear instruction, and the maps in the photo grid above show the hazards around our schemes.

Safety always comes first. In an emergency, dial 111.

If you have any questions around safety and access, please email us at

In an emergency dial 111

Most hydro stations are controlled remotely by operators located many kilometers away. 

Throughout the day and night, demand for electricity rises and falls which can result in frequent and rapid changes in water levels and flows around our stations. Calm waters or a dry riverbed can quickly change into one with fast moving water containing dangerous turbulence and undercurrents.

We want visitors and river users to have a great experience around KCE’s five power stations. 

That’s why it's important to be mindful of personal safety at all times and remember the following safety rules:

  • Obey all signage
  • Stay in designated areas – fences, buoys, booms and barriers are there to protect you
  • Keep out of designated hazardous areas including on the lake where there are spill gates and intakes
  • Closely observe water levels - rivers sometimes rise quickly due to flash floods or changes in water takes
  • Always let someone know you are visiting a station, as KCE power stations are not staffed
  • Public enjoy a wide range of activities around our schemes, be respectful of others and share responsibility
  • Look after each other and closely supervise children

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